Current Projects

We help communities grow.

What we do is simple, yet fantastically complicated. We design projects intended to win community support.

Some reflect the character of the community, while others are leading developments for communities determined to move in a new direction. Both are important and rewarding.

Whether your vision brings new life to a tired shopping center, or you see development potential among the rows of corn, the team at Sturges Development Group is eager to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Commercial Projects & Land Development

We develop commercial projects that breathe new life into a community, a stretch of land, or an old building. New space for commerce creates jobs as it draws people to shop, drink and dine or work and play. Explore how we have revitalized tired, dated buildings and centers with new vitality and attracted occupiers and community attention.

Whether your vision is land to parcel or building development, Sturges Development Group adds value to your property with knowledge and decades of experience. Call on our team to review, refine, validate, and assist in the design of your concept. Or, come to us with nothing more than acreage and desire, and we’ll help you envision a future that meets your goals.

Residential & Multi-Family Projects

Creating a new residential community where none stands today takes more than time, money and heavy machinery. It takes experience, knowledge, and the ability to understand a community’s needs. Visit our residential developments and you’ll feel the care and thought that went into the successful, single-family communities like Inverness Lakes, Pinestone, and Brenton Glens.